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Ventilation system with heat recovery function in the new project in Mežciems

Ventilation system with heat recovery function in the new project in Mežciems

According to new regulatory requirements, mechanical ventilation systems must be provided in new multi-apartment building projects. Developers employ various approaches to comply with the law, and while the new requirements are technically met, only a few developers, when choosing ventilation systems, ensure a true level of comfort for residents.

In the "Mežciema mājas" project, Pillar ensures air quality thanks to the high-performance сlass A ventilation system CASA Smart from the Swedish brand Swegon . The installation operates very quietly. Additionally, we have placed it in the storage room of the apartment, making it even quieter. Another advantage is the compact size of the installation - it is convenient to place a washing machine and dryer underneath.

Ventilating rooms through open windows is a thing of the past in Pillar projects. Swegon equipment provides continuous fresh air intake without the need to ventilate rooms through windows, which is especially relevant in cold months, as it allows maintaining room temperature without consuming additional energy for reheating. Fresh air is essential to us continuously - 24 hours a day. CASA Smart will help you sleep better at night and be more productive during the day, as the incoming air through the heat recovery units always passes through high-quality filters, ensuring a healthy and comfortable atmosphere indoors.

Ventilation system with heat recovery function in the new project in Mežciems

What sets heat recovery systems apart from conventional ventilation systems? They recover heat from the air blown out of the apartment, reusing it to heat incoming fresh air. The efficiency of heat recovery systems is measured by the heat recovery rate of the heat recovery unit. Class A energy efficiency installations like CASA Smart are equipped with highly efficient heat exchangers capable of utilizing up to 85 percent of the thermal energy of the expelled air to heat incoming fresh air. This significantly reduces heating costs.

We especially want to emphasize that the ventilation system is also intended to be connected to the kitchen exhaust . This means that the smells generated during cooking are immediately extracted from the apartment and directed outside. New apartment owners in Pillar projects can forget about such popular but cheap charcoal filters that blow air from the kitchen exhaust back into the living room. CASA Smart installations automatically increase and balance ventilation volume between rooms when using the kitchen exhaust, preventing excessive negative pressure in the rooms, and improving the ability of the exhaust to remove steam.

The CASA Smart ventilation system is equipped with an intelligent automatic humidity controller. While traditional humidity sensors only switch ventilation from normal to enhanced mode, smart automation continuously analyses the air in the room and adjusts ventilation according to real needs. The automated system also takes into account fluctuations in humidity in the outdoor air, thereby avoiding unnecessary ventilation and more effectively responding to the humidity load created when cooking or taking a bath.

Replacement of installation filters should be carried out depending on the degree of filter contamination, but it is recommended to do so no less than twice a year (filter set cost: 23 euros). Maintenance of the ventilation system is simple and conveniently done by oneself. There is a practical guide on this website on how to do it yourself: Swegon CASA W3/W4 Smart maintenance and filter change

The Swegon CASA Smart device has a convenient control panel that significantly simplifies its use. The device has four functions that allow it to be adjusted to the desired comfort level. Additionally, ventilation equipment can be optionally equipped with a CO2 sensor and remote access control, providing the ability to monitor the operation of the equipment or remotely change the set parameters using the manufacturer's application.

Some points to consider when evaluating the quality of a recovery system:

  • Level of noise and power of the installation.
  • Possibility of connecting the ventilation system to the kitchen exhaust.
  • Filter replacement. How often it needs to be done, how much filters cost, and whether the process can be carried out without calling a technician.
  • Power consumption by the installation.
  • Equipment of the installation with humidity and/or CO2 sensors.
  • Name of the installation or country of origin.


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