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The largest windows in standard-class apartments

The largest windows in standard-class apartments

"Mežciema mājas" project on 47A S. Eizenšteina Street, has the largest windows in standard-class apartments. Large windows create spaciousness and provide more light, but let's take a closer look at the technical parameters of the installed windows in the project so that you can see how many benefits they bring to the residents of this project.

We have chosen window profiles from the German manufacturer REHAU. The windows use triple glazing with excellent thermal insulation Ug=0.5 W/m² K. The overall thermal conductivity of the window Uw is 0.75 W/m² K. At the same time, on the 8th, 9th, and 10th floors, windows with enhanced sound insulation are used. Taking into account adjustments for sound insulation, the building consistently maintains a noise level of 39-41 dB.

The largest windows in standard-class apartments

Windows with enhanced sound insulation are usually very heavy, but in the "Mežciema mājas" project, all windows open and close very easily thanks to the use of hardware from the German brand Winkhaus.

For Pillar, no detail is too small, so we also thought about convenient door closing when you step out onto the balcony or terrace. For balcony doors, we have additionally installed aluminium handles on the outside and locking hardware to ensure easy closing and securing of the balcony doors while on the balcony. These details may seem small, but they bring comfort and make everyday life easier.

The high-quality windows selected for the project are also equipped with REHAU LINEA handles with the Secustik function, providing enhanced protection against break-ins.

A few recommendations to consider when evaluating the quality of windows:

  • The number of window frame locking mechanisms – if there are enough of them, heat loss is low, and sound insulation is high.
  • Uw (overall heat transfer coefficient for the entire window). The lower this value, the warmer the window. This indicates that the window retains heat in the room better during winter.
  • Ug (heat transfer coefficient of the glazing unit). It is the low value of Ug for the glazing unit that ensures that cold outside air does not cool the glass to the point where condensation forms on the glazing unit during winter.
  • Thermographic inspection of the building's enclosing structures. When buying an apartment, ask the developer for thermography data to verify the window insulation indicators.


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